Friday, November 4, 2011


I met you on the silk road
So very long ago
I met you on the silk road
I thought you’d like to know
Your scarves kept out the sun
And all the dust and sand the winds of Allah could blow
Upon the silk road so very long ago

I met you on the silk road so very long ago
I thought you ought to know
When Allah’s word was heard all day
But not too loud for jasmine smells
Amidst the night we danced and loved and
burned the fires
far below, way above
Upon the silk road
Upon foundations deeper than the territory of strife

What dusty thoughts blow through the centuries
past arid lands in the pictures of your mind’s design
The rubble of civilizations crumbled
in broken stones
weathered rocks
in memories retold by bards and minstrels
upon the roads we wandered in our way

Tangled knots and chords assembled washed dried dyed
made smooth to the edge
to the touch
Designed in ancient ways of mathematics
reputed to show the way to God or passion
or their obedience to fashion
In your bed and boudoir
Your office
and ceremonial temple of exotic fragrances and tea
Not separated from the senses of sight smell and touch of the self you were so much
in the marketplace of rugs and such

Upon the silk road so very long ago
The road we’d come to know

Where the masses could not shovel rules of death and love
so cold upon the certain grave too soon
For spirits so light
So flowing in the colors of the life

The minstrel came to town a bard of many tongues and many gods whose name is one
The science of God

The theater of God
somewhere in the sand where vast imagination births a mirage that burns beyond the lonely sun
Wall-less destinies fall before the senses like jasmine sweeping by
The summer moons that glisten silken
over trades that gallop on beyond our tombs
I met you on the silk road so very long ago
The politics of God
The insights of God
The masks of God in the villages of the peoples of earth
the many colored cloths and the superstition of the lost often in the fashion of the winds of thought in the ever changing moving silk road and its mountain tops traveled walked sought
never lost
in Centuries dark or bought.
I met you on the silk road so very long ago

Perhaps the watering hole has lost a hundred names through centuries gone in rain and thundering herds
carrying swords
so their words of god could be heard
in ancient caves, tented sand dunes, water enriched oases, agrarian villages, mudded huts, market places of grain and wondrous weavings, dancing girls and knowledge
Silk road of not forgotten dreams that were no doubt travelled
in sun and rain

DIB14oct 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


For I am the fool
Here to serve your lie
or a moonbeam down a windy road.

For I am the fool tipping my hat under
the dance of dismay and delight
Death and desire
Days into night.

For I am the fool
Reflecting memories by design
Benign or to confine
Memories by design
from planets or parents.

DIB 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gossip,praise ,blame ,truth ,half truth and illusion interweave in discussing lives led
or almost led. It is easy to say that it depends on ones perception.If in fact all
perceptions had equal weight. When discussing a holy man.a man of the cloth, a noble
philosopher,a Buddhist teacher,, guru , evangelical preacher
Men of god if you will ,who seem to come under particular scrutiny and judgment on
their way to sainthood, heaven or nirvana. Certain areas of gossip disturb me.but I am
never sure where the line between gossip and history resides much less truth and
Recently I read parts of a book concerning the Buddhist teacher Anagarika
Munindra.There were anecdotes biographical stories about etc.before I read more I
thought I would throw out into the world my 2 cents without absorbing other reflections
that would influence ,sway or color my own innocent takes
Perhaps I did not know him as well as many others, after all it was a relatively brief
period in the weeks before and after the full moon of Aquarius Leo in January
1972 that I spent time with him, iIgnorant and innocent in the ways of meditation
I arrived in Bodhgaya with the intention of taking a meditation course with Usn Goenka.
It was to be my first meditation course.My motive was less romantic, less spiritually
motivated than many I have heard over the years. I simply thought it would be
something good to learn if I ever found myself in jail.
Fellow travelers encountered on the train from Benares to Gaya directed me to the
Ghandi Ashram for lodging the night before the meditation course. A clean bright good
sized room without furniture and a floor to throw your blankets or sleeping bag seemed
to be the totality of the operation.A small wiry man dressed in Indian whites appeared to
be in charge.He spoke little, stayed in the room only momentarily, though stared
as he swept his eyes over the room and the people inhabiting. That was my first
encounter with Munindra.
After what turned out to be a shockingly intense time at the meditation course and
the days following
I found myself again at the ashram supervised by munindra. I spent my time in the small
Market place having chai,walking around socializing, intensely meditating.I would se
MUNINDRA in the market place shopping for food bartering walking rapidly observing
with keen insight the environment people the late afternoon evening he would
take a rickshaw to the Burmese vihara for the evening meditation and talk by Goenka
at the subsequent meditation course taking place.Sometimes. he would yell and wave
from the passing rickshaw "go meditate',sometimes he would stop the rickshaw if I were
walking alone tell me to get in
And we would go to the meditation together alway sitting at the very back of the
the entrance way ,at. the entrance way
MUNINDRA silent ,cross legged and still.Subjectively I saw him as Goenka's backup
A calming ,humble anonymous at times presence in the charismatic world that was
Goenka. I felt rightly or wrongly he was looking after me.
I did ask him questions from time to time usually when we encountered one another in
the town.The responses were considered,concise ,to the point and always surprising.
On one occasion I had gone over to the Mahabodhi temple to meditate.there was
an upstairs area made of grey stone,open to the sky,that seemed friendly to the act of
repose, I found a nice flat seat of stone folding my legs under me, took a breath notating
the beauty of the day and my environment .Some 25 or 30 so feet away a group of a
half dozen plus Tibetans were gathered together chanting , not an unusual
Happening in a place such as Bodhgaya nor an obstructive or annoying one.
I simply could not meditate.I could not concentrate.I could observe my breath to the
count of one.that was it! It was as if the chanting had temporarily taken over my being.
My will, my awareness of the situation seemed to have no a dead zone
a zone without movement.It wasn't,t a bad feeling or a scary feeling it was however
frustrating.After some 20 or 30 minutes I gave up headed out of the temple back into
the town .the ashram quite perplexed.As was the usual manner I encountered
MUNINDRA scurrying back to his room."What was going on. " I asked him.He looked
Into my eyes for a moment and said calmly"They are chanting for money, power,
success..things like can learn that if you want." shrugged his shoulders
to communicate it's unimportance and a certain lack of respect than continued his
On another occasion,I told him I had a cold and fever he suggested I take an
I replied that I wanted to deal with the emotions and causes,His stared deeply it was as
if my psyche had expanded as far as it had gone in self awareness and not a drop or
millimeter farther.He nodded slightly,retreating back into his composure and continued
on his way.the cold and fever were no longer present.
Whenever I had a question it did not take long for MUNINDRA to appear
In my midst.Though I did not associate my study of astrology with buddhism or
Meditation as a matter of course I thought I would inquire of Munidra if he had a
perspective on the subject.I expected a negative or dismissive response,instead his
eyes lit up with warmth and friendliness."my father was an astrologer,nothing wrong
With it if you keep to the spiritual".he replied.
I miss him,glad to have known him in this life if not flat out blessed.A subtle yet
demonstrative presence.blessings to him wherever he is.
Douglas Ira Berman

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Series winner San Francisco Giants earthquake the gamblers as well as have an earthquake in the pacific x number of miles due west during post season.The Texas Rangers ,former President Bush,s former team gets to the big dance for the first time.Josh Hamilton ,Gemini won AL MVP. Joey Votto ,Virgo won NL MVP, Naftali Perez Taurus ,AL rookie of the year, Buster Posey Aries NL rookie of the year.Felix Hernandez , Aries won the Cy Young in the AL, Roy Halliday ,Taurus in the NL.
On the losing side the Cubs returned more definitively to their continuity
of mediocrity,as did the Washington Nationals.The Mariners were so pathetic some people offered the opinion that it contributed to the death of Longtime Mariner broadcaster Dave Neihaus. The Red Sox won the winter bragging rights with the acquisitions of Carl Crawford ,Leo and Adrian Gonzalez Taurus. Cliff Lee ,Virgo gets pr as an humanitarian for not selling his services to the highest bidder.
The host of new managers perhaps reflects the need to make changes promising hope , as a means of selling tickets.Its far less costly to hire a new manager than invest 120 million in a new rightfielder ala Jason Werth Sagittarius.
Buck Showwalter Baltimore Gemini. Taurus cusp,
John Farrell Leo Toronto,
Terry Collins Gemini New York Mets,
Freddie Gonzalez Aquarius Atlanta
Clint Hurdle Leo Pittsburg,
Brad Mills Capricorn Aquarius cusp Houston,
Ron Rienneke Leo Milwaukee,
Eric Wedge Aquarius Seattle,and
Don Mattingly Taurus Los Angeles.
Did I forget anyone?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011




Thursday, November 25, 2010


A breeze, sometimes a strong or chill wind frequently blows down Seattle's first avenue from nature and the hilly landscape of buildings often dancing grey with the sky and the rain.At the corners and crosswalks you can catch a glimpse of the water and distant mountains.Strolling First avenue became a more enriching experience recently since a few hundred or so pieces of art from Picasso's private stash normally housed in paris are temporarily residing at the Seattle art museum on first avenue.The museum
Structure is large,fairly new,and from my perspective has a lot of unnecessary high ceilings and wasted spaces.

In the first room their are paintings,sketches, self portraits, portraits, charcoals, photos of early days from 1901 ,1904, then the next room, next era after and so forth. an early abstraction from 1911, a singular blue period , costume design in quouche for ballet , cubist pieces,,a Renoir like painting of and for a society lady, sculptures

aplenty in stone ,wood metal, rooms full of paintings of his wives in various entanglements and reflections, more photos,paintings from the 50's,60's, paintings from the last years of his life ,short films being shown of Picasso at work, sequential photos of "Guernnica"as it was being painted. and quotes from Picasso on the walls such as "painting isn,t an aesthetic operation; it is a form of magic designed as mediator between this strange hostile world and us.".

A painting in style and content from 1951 that uniquely caught my intention was

Titled "Massacre in Korea".Muted shades,concrete victims and aggressors .It provoked a great deal of thought within myself Though their are many other art pieces by him for which I have an affinity it's a nice basket full of Picasso's to have in the neighborhood.